Pick and choose what's in your COVID-19 Kit to meet your university's testing needs

Our COVID-19 Kits are customizable with a list of various components to choose from, or your university can order the individual products needed. The standard products that are included in these COVID-19 Kits are Sterile Swabs, Specimen Bags and Transport Medium for specimen collection; however, the components of this kit are customizable for your preference. You can learn more about the product details below.

Sterile Swabs

The white, nylon swabs have a plastic shaft and are intended for single-use in sample collection and diagnostics. The swabs are individually wrapped to maintain ETO sterilization. This product is also latex-free.

Specimen Bag

Bags are available in a variety of standard sizes and clear or colored film. Air- and liquid-tight seal polyethylene material provides sturdy and reliable construction. The bag features a two-pouch design that isolates patient specimen documents, and the zip slide or adhesive closures are suitable for transporting bodily fluids and tissues.

Transport Medium

ASP Global has 2 options for specimen collections:  Prefilled 3ml of transport medium (VTM) or 2-3mls of Prefilled 85% saline.

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